A category containing articles regarding the tuition rates, fees, and class withdrawal refund policy at Baker College.

Articles (6)

Baker College 2023-2024 Tuition & Fees

Information on the academic year 2023-2024 tuition rates, rates for current service members, and other charges/fees.

Baker College Application Fee Payments

Instructions for making an application fee payment online.

Baker College Class Withdrawal and Refund Policies

Information regarding the policies on withdrawing from classes, tuition refunds based on withdrawals, and how withdrawals affect financial aid awards and student billing account balances.

Baker College Course and Fees Statement

Information on accessing the Course and Fees Statement

Baker College Miscellaneous Fees

Information regarding payment of non-tuition related charges/fees. These are charges that cannot be paid on the student portal because they are not charged to the student billing account.

Books & Supplies Information

Information on the process for charging book/supplies purchases toward an account credit or on account for payment at a later time through a payment plan.