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Baker College offers a secure online and mobile friendly environment, known as the Baker College Miscellaneous Fees eMarket, for both students and guests to make a payment for non-tuition related items, using a credit/debit card or foreign currency. 

Student Fees

Copy/Print Fees: Payment for Copying or Printing Services

ELPD Payments: Payment for Experiential Learning Portfolio Submissions

International Payments: Payment for the International Yearly Deposit (for more information on this process review the article: International Yearly Deposit Payments

Library Fine: Payment for a Late or Lost Library Book or Reference Materials

Miscellaneous Fees: Payment for miscellaneous fees. Use ONLY when the fee needs to be paid by credit/debit card or international funds and there is no specific category for the fee listed on the eMarket. 

Miscellaneous Training: Payment for Training Provided by Baker College Outside of Registered Courses, Typically Not for Credit (Corporate Training)

Parking Violation: Payment for a Baker College Parking Ticket 

Diploma Payments: 

  • Hard Copy of Diploma: Payment for a Hard Copy of a New or Replacement Diploma
  • Electronic Legacy Diploma: Payment for an Electronic Copy of a Legacy Diploma for Graduates in Fall 2018 or Prior.

Replacement ID: Payment for a Replacement of a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Baker College ID

Residence Hall Payments: 

  • Housing Fee: Payment of the New Housing Student Application Fee
  • Prepayment: Payment of the Returning Housing Student Prepayment
  • Intern Deposit: Payment of Guest Student Internship Housing Deposit

Third Party Payments (AR Miscellaneous): Payment for Student Account Balances Being Paid for by a Third Party Funding Source, such as MI Works or an Employer, with a Credit/Debit Card (for more information on this process review the article: Third Party Payments)

Waiver Test: Payment for a Waiver Test Administered at Baker College

Guest Fees

American Heart Association: Payment for American Heart Association (AHA) Courses or Completion Cards

Event/Space Rental: Payment for Room Rentals for Special Events, Conferences, or Meetings or Rental of Residence Halls for Guests

Tenant Rental: Payment for Monthly Rent/Lease for an Apartment, House, or Office/Lab Space

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Paying a Fee

Both Student and Guest Fee Categories are payable on the Baker Miscellaneous Fees eMarket.

To select a fee to pay click on the appropriate fee description under the Items Category. Follow the prompts to add the fee to your basket. Once all fees that you wish to pay have been added to your basket click the checkout option and follow the prompts to complete the payment process. 

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Proof of Payment

Upon the completion of payment a copy of your receipt will be emailed. Please retain a copy of your receipt.

Proof of payment is required in order to issue a replacement diploma, replacement ID, and in order to administer a waiver test or miscellaneous training. To receive these services please bring a copy of your receipt to your local campus One Stop. Additionally, in order to receive credit for a payment of rent, library fines, or parking violations please email a copy of the receipt to

If you are making payment for an experiential learning portfolio submission please attach your receipt to the Google form within the ELPD community. 

For additional assistance you may also click the "Submit a Ticket" button at the top right hand corner of this article.

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