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This article details balance due dates, payment plan enrollment deadlines, financial aid disbursements time frames, refund processing dates, and more.
Information regarding payment of non-tuition related charges/fees. These are charges that cannot be paid on the student portal because they are not charged to the student billing account.
Information on the terms associated with the delivery of tax form 1098-T.
General information on the use of tax form 1098-T and how to access the document.
Guide for Students to Make a Payment on the Student Billing Portal
Instructions for completing a payment of the International Yearly Deposit.
Can I make payment arrangements for my balance? Can I register when I owe a balance? Who do I contact regarding a past due or collections balance? Read this article for answers to these questions and more.
Information on the types of third party payments Baker College accepts, such as employer assistance, MIWorks!, Michigan Rehabilitation Services and more.
Instructions for students or third party agencies to process a payment against a third party balance due.
Information on the payment methods Baker College accepts and where to go to make online payments.
Answers to frequently asked questions about tax form 1098-T.
Instructions for making an application fee payment online.
Information on the academic year 2022-2023 tuition rates, rates for current service members, and other charges/fees.
Guide for Students to Navigate the 1098T Functionality on the Student Billing Portal
Guide for Students to Navigate the Automatic Payments Functionality on the Student Billing Portal