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Barnes & Noble Book Credits

Students with a credit balance from excess financial aid or third party funding are automatically provided a credit at the B&N Bookstore at Baker College each semester. The book credit does not consist of actual funds, but is a value provided to the bookstore that allows students to charge their books and supplies purchases directly to their student billing account. The total of any charged bookstore purchases are deducted from the credit balance or billed to the student, if the credit balance is exhausted.

The value of a book credit varies, depending on the credit balance for each student. Book credits are issued for the amount of the credit on a student billing account or up to a maximum of $1,200.00.

Students without a credit balance may be issued a book credit on a case-by-case basis, if one is requested. For example, a student wishing to set up a payment plan for all semester charges (tuition, books, supplies, and fees) can be issued a book credit so that the cost of the books and supplies purchases can be rolled into the balance of the payment plan.

Students can check their account for a credit balance on the Student Portal. The Student Portal can be accessed on the View Balance or Make a Payment page on MyBaker.

For a list of required books and supplies, based on your course schedule, visit the Bookstore page on MyBaker.

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