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This article details balance due dates, payment plan enrollment deadlines, financial aid disbursements time frames, refund processing dates, and more.
Information on the process for charging book/supplies purchases toward an account credit or on account for payment at a later time through a payment plan.
Information regarding the policies on withdrawing from classes, tuition refunds based on withdrawals, and how withdrawals affect financial aid awards and student billing account balances.
Information regarding the use of financial aid funds to pay for prior year or non-institutional charges on your student billing account.
What are the requirements for maintaining SAP? What is Financial Aid Warning? How do I reinstate my eligibility for financial aid? The financial aid SAP policy contains the answers to these questions and more.
Learn more about the types of Federal and State grants that are available to Baker College students.
What types of loans are available? How much money can I borrow in federal student loans? Read this article to learn the answers to these questions and more.
Learn more about Baker College scholarships and access resources that may be helpful when searching for external scholarships.
How do I access my award offer? What is a touchpoint? Read this article to learn the answers to these questions and to gain additional knowledge about the information that is displayed on the student financial aid portal home page.
Learn more about how your eligibility for financial aid is determined and how to access your award information.
Learn more about loan refunds and the federal requirements that must be met before loan funds can be applied to your account.
Learn more about how you can request a change to your federal student loan after it has been accepted.
This article provides detailed financial aid cost of attendance budget information.
How do I apply for a Parent PLUS or Grad PLUS loan? Review this article to learn more about the PLUS loan application process.
Am I eligible for work-study? How do I apply for work-study? Read this article to learn more about the benefits of work-study and the answers to these questions.