Baker College Application Fee Payments

Baker College offers a secure online environment for applicants to make application fee payments using a credit/debit card. Below is a list of the application fees available for payment on the Admissions eMarket:

Application Fees:

Graduate Application Fee: 
Payment for the non-refundable graduate application fee.
Undergraduate Application Fee: 
Payment for the non-refundable undergraduate application fee. 
The fee will be automatically selected based on your application type.

Making an Application Fee Payment:

Students are redirected to the Baker College Admissions Application Fees eMarket during the online application process when they select to make the application fee payment. Follow the steps below to complete a payment:

  • Complete the Student Information Fields
  • Click “Continue Checkout”
  • Enter the Credit/Debit Card Information
  • Click “Continue Checkout”
  • Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions
  • Click “Continue Checkout”
  • Review the Payment Details
  • Click “Submit Payment”
  • Click “SIGN OUT

Upon clicking "SIGN OUT" you will be redirected to the application portal in order to submit your online application. Please be sure to complete this step or your application will not be submitted.

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