Financial Impact of Withdrawal

If you are considering a course withdrawal, it is important that you understand the financial implications of this decision. Many times, a withdrawal can result in a student owing the College and/or federal government money from financial aid, which had already been refunded to the student. Review the Return of Title IV Federal Financial Aid For Withdrawals for more details. We encourage you to submit a ticket so your eligibility to keep or need to return financial aid can be reviewed.

A student may withdraw from a course up to the end of the week that precedes the final week of the course. The student is required to submit a notice of withdrawal by using the Withdrawal Request option located on Tuition refunds are based on the official withdrawal date, which is the date the student submits his/her withdrawal request via this option. Review the Class Withdrawal and Refund Policy for detailed information.

Exit Loan counseling is required if you have student loans and your enrollment status drops below half-time. Per federal regulations, Baker College must notify your loan servicer regarding changes to your enrollment status. This may cause your six month grace period to be activated or you may go into immediate repayment if the six month grace period was previously used.

Submit a Ticket

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