Questions about Loan Changes, Scholarships, Work-study, Military, etc.

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Financial Aid Questions

Submit a general question about financial aid, documents financial aid is requesting, or your financial aid offer.

Financial Aid Re-evaluation

Submit a request to have a Financial Aid Advisor contact you about the financial aid re-evaluation process.

Financial Impact of Withdrawal

Submit a question about how your financial aid will be impacted if you withdraw from a class.

Loan Change Request

Submit a request to reduce or cancel an existing loan. This option can also be used to request additional loan funds, if the student is eligible.

Request to Cancel My Financial Aid

Submit a request to cancel all my financial aid (grants, scholarships and loans).

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Submit a question about your SAP status or SAP appeal.


Submit a question about Baker College scholarships or your scholarship eligibility.


Submit a question about your eligibility for work-study.