Optimizing LinkedIn for Your Job Search

So You Have a LinkedIn Profile. Now What?

Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn is rich with algorithms to help identify useful connections, security functions to establish a comfortable level of privacy, and messaging tools to help you stay connected. There is a lot to know and while this guide doesn’t cover everything, it will help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

Make Sure You’re Optimized

The first thing you want to do is make sure your profile is of “All-Star” quality. This includes

  • a professional looking photo,

  • a brief yet information-packed headline,

  • a compelling Career Summary,

  • complete Professional Experience, Education, and Skills Sections, and

  • a unique LinkedIn profile URL.

Once the basic profile is complete, you’ve phrased everything succinctly, included all necessary keywords, and used quantifiable accomplishments (if possible), you can build out your profile even further.

Complete Optional Sections

You will probably have noticed that there are sections you can add to your profile that allow you to share information. These include the following:

  • Volunteer Experience

  • Licenses and Certifications

  • Awards and Achievements

  • Additional Coursework

Completing these sections will make your LinkedIn profile stand out even more! A personal header image is also a nice touch. You can add this by clicking the pencil icon in the intro section and then clicking the pencil icon on the header image.

Upload Media

Within the Professional Experience and Education sections, there are options to upload media. Do you have a work project you’d be permitted to share? Was there a project you’re especially proud of you worked on in a relevant course? Show them off! Just click the pencil icon to edit that entry and scroll down to Media. Click “Upload” and select the desired file. 

Link to Social Media

Do you have a web portfolio, website, blog, or work-related social media account? You can link these to your LinkedIn profile. Click “Contact info” beneath your profile picture. In the pop-up, click the pencil icon. Next, click “+ Add website.” Fill in the URL and select an option from the drop-down to the right and click “Apply.”

Get Noticed on LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn, their search algorithm is based on the searcher. This means that results will be tailored to the person doing a search. When people are connections (or second- or third-degree connections), they are more likely to be returned as results for that searcher. The amount of traffic your profile receives and the inclusion of keywords also play a major role.

There are several ways to capitalize on this knowledge:

  • Complete your profile and keep it up to date. Fill in everything, the more data you provide, the more likely a search will return you as a result.

  • Spend time cultivating your list of skills. Job recruiters will often conduct skill searches when looking for talent.

  • Build and cultivate connections! The more people you are connected to, the more likely your profile will come up in a search. 

  • Activate the “Tell Recruiters” option on your profile, found in the Intro section. This will let recruiters know that you’re looking for new opportunities.

How to Get Profile Views on LinkedIn

  • If you see something you like, share it. If you have something to say, update your status. 

  • Like and comment. Curious individuals will bring hits to your profile.

  • Write. LinkedIn allows members to share via long-form post. It’s like a blogging platform on LinkedIn that can demonstrate your competence in your field. These can be shared and will attract profile views.

  • Join. Find groups that you can participate in. You’ll find connections and can take part in conversations which will draw views to your profile.

  • Respond. Follow up on notifications from other LinkedIn users diligently.

Build up connections in companies where you’d like to work. Reach out to individuals who do what you do. You can send them a friendly note and ask to connect. Recruiters will be more likely to find you in a search if you’re connected to individuals in their company.

Revised 27 June 2024

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