How to Thank an Employer after the Interview

You’ve worked hard to get an interview with a company you’re excited about. Now that your interview is finished, what next? Executive recruiter and job coach Andrew Lacivita explains that you need to write a “thank you” and you need to do it with speed and thoughtfulness.

Do it in a timely manner. How fast is that? Andrew recommends you send an email to each individual that you interview with within 24 hours. If you want to improve your relationship with these individuals, follow it up with a handwritten note.

Write thoughtfully. Don’t just rush off a one line email for the sake of fulfilling an obligation. Make it meaningful and maximize the potential of this gesture. The content of your thank you needs to satisfy several criteria:

  • It should be heartfelt and further the relationship. You make an attempt to connect with each member of the interviewing committee. Recall this connection in your thank you. Because you’ve connected with each individual, each thank you should be unique.

  • It should reinforce your candidacy for the job. Remember what was said in the interview and determine how you can deepen the impression you made with the interviewers. Is there something you wish you’d said? Write it in to give yourself an edge or correct any mistaken impressions.

  • It should convey enthusiasm. Do you like how things went and what you heard about the position? Be sure to let the interviewers know when you follow up in your thank you.

  • It should be professional. Don’t forget to thoroughly proofread your thank you before sending it.

Following these thank you tips helps you set yourself apart as a thoughtful and enthusiastic candidate. These qualities are important cultural signifiers that employers look for when filling a position. Not to mention, saying thank you just feels good!

Adapted from Lacitivat, A. (2018). Do I send individual thank you emails to every interviewer in the group?

Adapted from Lacavita, A. (2016). How to write a thank you letter after a job interview.


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Revised 17 August 2020


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