Succeeding in a Virtual Interview

A virtual interview conducted over the phone or through a computer isn’t so different from an in-person interview. Many of the best practices for traditional interview preparation remain consistent. For more information see Planning for Interview Success.

▪ Do your research on the organization and prepare thoughtful questions. 
▪ Practice telling your professional stories and review likely interview questions. 
▪ Have your work documents and the job description available for easy reference. 
▪ Communicate properly through speech, body language, and dress. 
▪ Show up early if the interview is scheduled with a person. 
▪ Follow up with a thank you card or email. 

As with online coursework or remote work, virtual interviewing does require a few additional considerations. Consider these tips for successful virtual interviewing. 

Check your Tech. In the days and hours leading up to your interview, be sure that all your equipment is functioning properly. If you’re interviewing by phone, make sure your phone is charged and ready to go. If you’re interviewing via computer, ensure you have a strong Internet connection and that your camera and microphone are in working order and functioning properly. Start a video chat with a friend and get feedback on how you look and sound. 

Virtually Visual. Just like you want to put your best face forward in terms of your dress and mannerisms, there are additional considerations when participating in a virtual interview. Make sure that the environment where you will be interviewing looks clean, professional, and free of distractions. Andrew LaCivita of Milewalk Academy also suggests the following: 

Framing. Fill up the frame with yourself. You don’t want to look small when interviewing. 

Eye contact. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer like you would in a traditional interview and stay level with the camera. 

Accessories. If using an external camera, consider using a tripod for better placement. 

Lighting. Stage lights or sit with a window behind the camera to illuminate you properly. You don’t want to broadcast from the shadows! 

Audio. Audio is more important than video- test and make sure your transmission sounds good. Consider acoustics in the room you are interviewing from. If possible, don’t use the microphone array on your laptop- use a decent quality microphone with a pop filter. 

Last Minute. In the 15 to 20 minutes before your interview, check your internet connection and sign in to the video or phone meeting provided by the HR representative. You may not be able to enter the virtual meeting space until the HR representative opens the application on their end, but get to the right screen. Technology glitches on the day of the interview send a negative impression, casting doubts on your interest in the job, your technological savvy, and your ability to problem solve. If a glitch does occur, don’t panic! Most interview platforms will reconnect and resume the session. 

Revised 8/17/2020 

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