Website Issues


This service is used to report an issue of getting 404 web page error, graphics not showing, content is missing from a page, or the like with one of the Baker websites below:

  • Admin Utilities (
  • Auto Diesel Institute of Michigan
  • Culinary Institute of Michigan
  •  (MyBaker)
  •  (My St. Francis)
  • Other  (If "Other" is selected, you will be asked to provide the name of that website.)

Who can use it:

  • Student, Staff, Faculty

How do I get assistance:

  • To submit a request, complete the Service Request ticket.  You will be asked to indicate which website has an issue and to provide the URL to the specific web page that needs addressing.  (If you go to the page having issues, you can copy the URL from your address bar and paste it in to this ticket.)


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