Navigating was designed to get you to the data you need with the fewest clicks possible. To achieve this goal the web site was designed using a “Mega Menu”, Direct links to External Resources, enabling “breadcrumbs”, and adding Quick Navigation to many services pages.


Mega Menu

Mega menus are a type of expandable menu in which many choices are displayed in a two-dimensional dropdown layout. They are excellent for accommodating a large number of options or for revealing lower-level site pages at a glance.

Getting where you want to go is as easy as 1, 2, 3 as illustrated below.


External Links

Need Canvas, Email, Help or Zoom? These links are conveniently located at the top of every web page. Even better, these links utilize SSO (Single Sign-On) so there is no need to enter your credentials multiple times.



A “breadcrumb” (or “breadcrumb trail”) is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user's location in a website or Web application. The term comes from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale in which the two title children drop breadcrumbs to form a trail back to their home.

In the illustration below you can see how you can click on one of the breadcrumbs to navigate to previous or related services.

Several services/web pages are shared among user roles. These pages have a breadcrumb path that begins with About Us. So keep in mind that if breadcrumbs won’t take you where you want to go, you can always use the Mega Menu or Quick Navigation.


Quick Navigation

When you’re on a general services page, you can mouse over the words Quick Navigation in the main graphic and a drop down list of the most frequently used services will appear. Click on an item in the drop down to navigate directly to a service.


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