How do I accept my federal student loans?

Log into your Student Financial Aid Portal and complete the necessary step of accepting, declining or reducing your offered Federal Stafford Loans.

Arrow 1: award year selection. Arrow 2:yellow line. Arrow 3: box to take action for awards. Arrow 5:awards, no action.

Arrow 4: pop up window to accept, decline or request reduction on Loans. Circle around the confirm button.

  1. Select the appropriate award year from the drop down.
  2. Awards in yellow mean action is required. You only need to Accept, Decline or Request a Reduction on Federal Stafford loans. Click on the line to expand the details for the award and to take action.
  3. Click on the words ‘Accept, Decline or Reduce total award’ to begin the process of finalizing your awards.
  4. A separate pop up window will open with options to Accept, Decline or Request Reduction of your Federal Stafford Loan. Make a selection and click 'Confirm' to submit.
    1. Select 'Accept' to accept the total amount of the Stafford Loan that is being offered to you.
    2. Select 'Decline to decline the total amount of the Stafford Loan that is being offered to you.
    3. Select 'Request Reduction' to reduce the Stafford Loan that is being offered to you. If this option is selected you will be prompted to enter the amount that you would like to request. The amount you select will be divided by the semesters included in the loan. The request will be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for review.
  5. Awards in green mean no action is required.

Note: The gross amount is the total amount of the loan and the amount you will be responsible to repay. The net amount is the loan amount you will receive after the loan origination fees have been deducted.

Borrowing conservatively will reduce the amount you must repay, and will help ensure you have loan funds available in future terms and academic years. Student loans that are received during fall and/or spring terms may affect your eligibility to receive loan funds for summer. If you are planning to attend summer term, and want to ensure you will have remaining loan funds available, you should borrow conservatively. Contact the OneStop Office for further details.

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