New User Setup

To set your MyBaker password for the first time visit and click the "Sign In" button.
An arrow pointing to the Sign In button on

Enter your existing and click "Next".
An arrow pointing to the Sign In Field on

Click the "Forgot my password" link.
An arrow pointing to the Forgot My password link on the Enter Password screen

Enter the randomized Captcha code from the image that is displayed and click "Next".
Two arrows one pointing to the Captcha field on the Get back into your account screen and the other arrow pointing to the Next button. The image also shows an Audio button so that it can read out loud the captcha code. There is also a refresh symbol button to change the code.

Choose a method for verification, fill in your details, and click "Text" or "Call".
An arrow pointing to the Enter your phone number field on the Get Back into your account page.

Enter the verification code that was sent to you and click "Next".
Two arrows one points to the Enter your verification Code field and the other to the Next button on the get back into your account page.

Fill in the "new password" and "confirm
 new password" fields and then click "Finish".
Three arrows, one pointing to the Enter new password field, another to the Confirm new password field and the final arrow points to the Finish button.

After signing in be sure to modify your account recovery methods by visiting the Setting Up Recovery Methods for Self-Service Password Reset Knowledge Base article.


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