ADI-Automotive Services Technology-Resume Tip Sheet

Resume Tip Sheet for ADI PROGRAMS Automotive Services Technology

 As a graduate of the Auto Diesel Institute of Michigan, you can create a CHRONOLOGICAL resume if you have relevant work experience through a required internship or other types of experience in the automotive field. (See the article Easy Steps for a Chronological Resume)

Or you can create a COMBINATION resume if you would rather emphasize your categories of skills, along with your education and your required internship. (See the article Easy Steps for a Combination Resume)

Tips for creating key sections of an Auto Diesel Institute graduate’s resume:

A. Heading
     Recommended format: 

Lucas Lopez
Street Address, City, MI 00000
(000) 000-0000                            LinkedIn Profile/Customized URL

B. Core Qualifications
Begin your resume with a summary of your core qualifications. To write the bulleted statements in this section, be sure to use keywords, requirements and preferences mentioned in the job posting. (For more information, see the following articles: Developing Your Qualifications Summary and Beating the ATS.) Below is an example:


• Highly skilled in mechanical, technical, and troubleshooting techniques for inspecting, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks
• Proficient in diagnostic and repair techniques for all major vehicle systems, such as electrical, air conditioning, transmission, exhaust, and engine

Key terms to consider using in this section: troubleshooting, diagnostics, inspection, technician, repair, preventative maintenance, HVAC, drive train, suspension, wheels, tires, alignment

C. Work Experience
An ADI graduate’s required internship shows important examples of professional experience. Be sure the list is in reverse chronological order. Recommended format:

City Car Centers                                              Jacksonville, MI                                                     01/2022-03/2022
Automotive Technician Intern
• Conducted preventative maintenance inspections (PMI) on approximately 25 company and customer vehicles per week
• Conducted used car inspections with attention to detail and accurate recording of all irregularities
• Successfully diagnosed vehicle issues using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment
• Able to navigate electronic service manuals, diagnostic manuals, writing diagrams with clear understanding
• Performed brake service successfully under supervision
• Repaired and replaced tires and changed oil and filters resulting in consistent customer satisfaction

D. Education
Place your education information directly after the WORK EXPERIENCE section. You may include any colleges at which you have completed courses or from which you have obtained a degree. See the example below which shows how to list an ADI degree:

Auto Diesel Institute of Michigan                                Owosso, MI                                         Expected graduation 05/2022
A Division of Baker College
Associate of Applied Science (or Certificate)
Auto Services Technology

*Program accredited by the ASE Education Foundation

E. Relevant Coursework (opt.)
This section is optional. It should only mention specific coursework required for or desirable for the target job. List specific competencies from the course. 

F. Licenses/Certifications
List licenses or certifications granted by a governing body. Look at requirements listed in job posting and choose optimum placement on the resume for this information. It can be placed after the professional skills section if desired. Below are examples of possible certifications:

ASE Automotive Service Excellence certificates:
• A1 Engine Repair                                                                                                                  Obtained 00/2022
• A2 Automatic Transmission                                                                                              (Continue listing dates)
• A3 Manual Drivetrains
• A4 Suspension and Steering
• A5 Brakes
• A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
• A7 Heating and Air Conditioning
• A8 Engine Performance

G. Other Work Experience
List other work experience with two to three bullets which highlight soft skills. Also, be sure to list related mechanical experience outside of your internship which would be desirable to the employer (e.g., Oil Change Technician, Dealership Experience) and highlight transferable skills.

H. Optional Section
You can create an optional section to show additional accomplishments and relevant volunteer activity. Depending on the length of your resume and your goals, this section can simply be a list of your titles and the organizations or can include duties/achievements as in the WORK EXPERIENCE section.

Car Show Volunteer, 69th Annual Detroit Autorama                                                              04/2022

Revised 1 March 2022

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