Begin Your Resume With Professional Qualifications

The best way to begin a resume is with a professional qualifications section. If you construct it to correspond to the requirements mentioned in the job posting, it will catch the interest of a hiring manager to keep them reading. 

Shouldn’t I start my resume with an objective?
No. Objectives are often self-focused and lack relevance to the target job. Even if you are just starting out in your career, a professional qualifications section will show your potential value to the company.

How do I write a professional qualifications section?
A professional qualifications section should highlight four to five important skills, experiences or accomplishments that would make you valuable in the position you are applying for. Other possible titles for this section are Key Qualifications, Core Qualifications, Qualifications Summary, or Professional Summary. 

To start, read the job posting carefully.

Read the description of the job you are applying for.
• Make a list of the requirements and the key words that are mentioned.
• Now make a list of your skills and accomplishments from your previous jobs or internships that are similar to those that the employer is looking for.
• Be sure you consider both your hard skills (e.g., computer knowledge, writing skills, project management, certifications) and soft skills (e.g., organization, teamwork, punctuality, leadership).

Write four to five bulleted statements.

• The bulleted statements you use should be your most important primary skills, experiences, or accomplishments that are relevant to the job requirements.

• Do not use complete sentences or periods.

• Begin each statement with an action verb or strong adjective. Examples:

          o Action verb: Accurately maintained patient charts and updated electronic charting system for up to 7 patients per shift

          o Strong adjective: Skilled in payroll management focused on compliance with current regulations 

Here’s an example from the Zety career site: (


• Customer service representative with 8+ years’ experience in high-volume call centers
• Maintained 99% positive customer survey rank at On Point Electronics
• Scored 38% higher-than-average customer retention for all call-ins
• Chosen as a target example for other reps during trainings
• Scored a 98% in the Salesforce Certified Professional training program

Customize your professional qualifications as needed for each job application.

Your professional qualifications section may look different for each job you apply for because there will be different requirements and key words. Modify this section for each job.



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