Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA)-Resume Tip Sheet

Resume Tip Sheet for Physical Therapist Assistants

 (For an easy-to-use template, click here.)

As a physical therapist assistant (PTA) graduate, you can create a CHRONOLOGICAL resume if you have relevant work experience through a required internship or other clinical experience in a medical setting. (See Easy Steps for a Chronological Resume)

Or you can create a FUNCTIONAL resume if you would rather emphasize your categories of skills, along with your education and your required internship. (See Easy Steps for a Functional Resume)

Tips for creating key sections of a physical therapist assistant’s resume:

A. Heading
Create your heading like this:

Shawn Anderson*
Street Address, City, MI 00000
(000) 000-0000                         LinkedIn Profile/Customized URL

*List your credentials after your name when you have successfully passed your licensing exam: Shawn Anderson, PTA

B. Professional Qualifications
Begin your resume with a summary of your professional qualifications. To write the bulleted statements in this section, be sure to use keywords, requirements and preferences mentioned in the job posting. (For more information see Begin Your Resume With Professional Qualifications and 184 Action Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome.) Below is an example:

• Proficient in making knowledgeable choices for each patient following the physical therapist’s written treatment plan
• Skilled in using verbal and written communication to obtain and accurately record patient information for documentation
• Excel in using compassion and active listening to build relationships with clients and understand their emotional and physical needs and their goals
• Trained to effectively use a variety of techniques to meet therapist’s treatment objectives

C. Licenses/Certifications
List licenses or certifications granted by a governing body. If they are listed as requirements in the job posting, choose the optimum place on the resume for this information. Below is an example:


Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant-Michigan License No. A-0960                               Anticipated/Pending/Obtained 00/2023
American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider                                             Expires 00/2024


D. Clinical Education And Experience
A physical therapist assistant’s clinical education and clinical experience are important examples of professional experience. List your clinical education and experience first (in reverse chronological order) followed by a WORK EXPERIENCE section if you have other job experience. List your three clinicals using this format:

Setting                                                                Location                                                                Semester/Hours
Outpatient Orthopedics                                       Milestone Outpatient Clinic                                    Spring 2023/Hours: 320
Student PTA
• Used flexible approaches to accomplish treatment objectives with diverse clients, including children, adults, and geriatric patients
• Discussed the treatment plan and progress clearly with the client and family members displaying openness to questions and concerns


Skilled Nursing Facility                                       Breton Rehabilitation                                               Fall 2022/Hours: 320
Student PTA                                                           & Living Centre
• Observed patients before, during, and after therapy, noting their status and reporting to the physical therapist
• Used energy and a positive approach in demonstrating exercises to patients and assisting patients in learning them


Subacute Rehab                                                     Mary Free Bed Hospital                                           Summer 2022/Hours: 80
Student PTA and Rehabilitation Center
• Conducted thorough screenings of residents at regular intervals to determine need for intervention/treatment
• Assisted the physical therapist in the evaluation process by identifying a target list, including short-term goals, long-term goals, and treatment plan


E. Education
Place your education information directly after CLINICAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE. You may include any colleges at which you have completed courses or from which you have obtained a degree. See the example below which shows how to list your degree:


Baker College                                                                      Muskegon, MI                                             Expected graduation 05/2023
Associate of Applied Science Honors: Dean’s List
Physical Therapist Assistant


Include the information listed above. If you had a relevant major or a specific education track, you could list it here.
Other optional information: organizations, honors, and GPA if 3.5 +.


F. Work Experience
List non-medical work experience with two to three bullets which highlight soft skills. Also, be sure to list related medical experience outside of your clinical education and experience which would be desirable to the employer (e.g., Physical Therapist Technician, CNA) and highlight transferable skills.


G. Optional Sections

Blood Services Team Member-American Red Cross                                                                    Year–Year
Coast Guard Festival volunteer for special needs children                                                         Year–Year

• Be sure to list the volunteer hours in the community, such as the example of being a Coast Guard volunteer with special needs children.
• Depending on the length of your resume and your goals, the VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE section can simply be a list of your titles and the organizations or can include duties/achievements as in the PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS section.


This section may be placed after your education section and should only include specific coursework required for or desirable for the job you are targeting. Highlight courses that may not be part of a typical PTA degree if these courses show important skills for the job. Examples: Pediatrics, Cardio-Pulmonary, Orthopedics


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