Game Software Development (GSD)-Resume Tip Sheet

Resume Tip Sheet for Game Software Development

As a game software development graduate, you can create a CHRONOLOGICAL resume if you have relevant work experience through a required internship or other experience in the computing field. (See the article Easy Steps for a Chronological Resume)

Or you can create a COMBINATION resume if you would rather emphasize your categories of skills, along with your education and your required internship. (See the article Easy Steps for a Combination Resume)

Tips for creating key sections of a game software development graduate’s resume:

A. Heading
Recommended format:

Kendall Adams*
Street Address, City, MI 00000
(000) 000-0000                      LinkedIn Profile/Customized URL

*List your credentials after your name when you have successfully passed the certification test: Kendall Adams, Unity Certified User, Unity Certified Associate

B. Core Qualifications
Begin your resume with a summary of your key qualifications. To write the bulleted statements in this section, be sure to use keywords, requirements and preferences mentioned in the job posting. (For more information see the following articles: Developing Your Qualifications Summary and Beating the ATS.) Below is an example:

• Able to create professional storyboards
• Proficient in game development, programming, and publishing
• Flexible in finding solutions to gameplay programming problems
• Proficient with anti-virus software, removing spyware/malware, as well as troubleshooting problems

C. Work Experience
Dematic                                                                         Grand Rapids, MI                                   01/2021-04/2021
Information Technology Associate
• Proactively identified and troubleshot security infrastructure
• Communicated with technical vulnerability management and cyber threat intelligence teams to validate security events and perform advanced analysis
• Ensured that risk management programs communicate security policies and requirements so people can understand and follow them


Your work experience should include your internship. Also, be sure to list other information systems and computer experience which would be desirable to the employer (e.g., computer support and repair technician, electronics store associate, computer classroom aide). Any general work experience can also be included in this section with two to three bullets which highlighting transferable soft skills.

D. Education
You may include any colleges at which you have completed courses or from which you have obtained a degree. Seethe example below which shows how to list your degree:

Baker College                                                              Baker Online                                             Expected graduation 05/2022
Bachelor of Science                                                                                                                        Honors: Dean’s List, GPA 3.7
Game Software Development


Other optional information can be listed: honors, and GPA if 3.5 +.

E. Relevant Coursework
This section is optional. It should only mention specific coursework required for or desirable for the target job. The examples below can be listed for your degree:
• Creating Professional Storyboards
• Creating Gaming Modules for Multiple Platforms
• Effectively Designing Troubleshooting Solutions

F. Technical Skills/Special Projects
List all relevant technical skills for the job you are applying for. Below are examples:



Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, and 10 Mac OS X
Languages: Python, Java, C++, C#, Twine, Quest, GameMaker Pro, Unity, Unreal
Databases: SQL, Oracle
Networks: Local Area Networks (LAN), WAN Wireless Networks (WAN), OSI, Routers
Security: Firewalls, Anti-virus, Anti-malware
Projects: (You can include a description of the Senior Project here.)

G. Certifications
List all important certifications granted by a governing body. If they are listed as requirements in the job posting, choose the optimum place on the resume for this information. Below are examples of possible certifications:

CompTIA A+ Certification                                                                                                                   Expires 00/0000
CompTIA Network+ Certification                                                                                                      Expires 00/0000
Unity Certified User Certification                                                                                                      Expires 00/0000
Unity Certified Association Certification                                                                                          Expires 00/0000

H. Optional Sections

Association for Computing Machinery Member (ACM) 2020
Baker College Student Chapter of ACM

Community Church Volunteer Staff, Website Team                                                                       2018-Present
Computer Repair/Virus Removal

• Depending on the length of your resume and your goals, the VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE section can simply be a list of your titles and the organizations or can include duties/achievements as in the KEY QUALIFICATIONS section.

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