Getting Started on LinkedIn



Getting Started on LinkedIn

Why should you join LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the world’s largest career networking platform. It boasts over 260 million active users. Whatever industry you work in, there are individuals interested in connecting and sharing with you and opportunities waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. 

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Getting Started.

  1. Visit and click “Join now”. Follow the prompts. You will be prompted to input relevant identifying information. LinkedIn will help you to begin to build your profile.

  2. As you follow the prompts, you will be asked if you want to add a photo. A quality photo is essential on LinkedIn!

  • Choose something that is professional quality 

  • It should be well-lit and well-framed with a neutral pose and professional dress.

  • Your photo is a key to selling yourself on LinkedIn so use the best packaging available.

  1. You will be invited to connect with or follow people, companies, and groups. You can do this as you go or skip it and do it later.

  2. On the ribbon at the top you will see a label titled “Me” beneath the photo you uploaded. Click this, then click “View profile” to visit your profile page. 

A screenshot of the menu ribbon at the top of the LinkedIn desktop. There is a red circle around the right-most icon whcih is labeled "me".

  1. Beneath the default LinkedIn header background is a set of buttons including a pencil. Here you can edit your headline. Your headline is very important as it appears in searches next to your picture. It should be a brief statement that sums you up professionally and communicates what you have to offer. 

  2. “Add profile section” lets you add sections to your profile. Click the plus to add a section or the pencil to edit that section.

A screenshot of the Add profile section dialogue box on LinkedIn

A completed LinkedIn profile will include the following profile sections:

  • Summary. For tips on writing one, see Developing Your Qualifications Summary.

  • Work Experience. This doesn’t need to be the same as your resume word-for-word, but it should be similar. Include all recent and relevant experience.

  • Education. List all relevant education.

  • Skills. This includes soft skills as well as technical skills. Start typing and LinkedIn will provide suggestions.

  • Photo. Remember to use a quality photo for best results.

  • Connections. Your profile won’t attain All-Star status until you have at least 50 connections.

Vanity URL.
Make your profile more personal and user-friendly by changing your profile URL. On your profile page you’ll notice the URL in your browser ends in a mix of letters and numbers, change this:

  1. Click “Edit public profile & URL” next to your header image.

  2. A box titled “Edit your custom URL” will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click the pencil icon to edit and personalize your URL.

A screenshot of the box that appears when a LinkedIn user clicks "Edit public profile & URL.    A screenshot of the graphics that appear when a LinkedIn user clicks in to the Edit public profile & URL button.

Build Your Links.
As the name of the site implies, the purpose here is to build a network of professional connections. By clicking “My Network” in the top ribbon, you will be taken to a page that will help you manage your connections. LinkedIn’s algorithms will also provide you with suggestions for potential connections based on: 

  • industry, 

  • company, 

  • school, 

  • And geography. 

Sending a connection request is as easy as clicking the “Connect” button beneath their headline.

You can also join professional groups. Some are open and some are closed. The closed groups require you to submit a request to join. You can find groups by searching with the search bar and selecting “Groups” or by clicking on “My Network” and clicking “Discover”. Groups are wonderful places to engage and build new relationships!

Stay Active.
LinkedIn is a powerful tool provided you are willing to put in the time. Use this tool to interact with colleagues and other professionals and watch your professional network take off!

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