Key Components of the Work Experience

Once you have secured a location to satisfy the on-site component of your Work Experience course, please be prepared for the following:

  • Make sure you are registered for the correct course during the semester you plan to complete your on-site hours. You can find this information under your program's informational page.
  • You will be asked to declare work site information as your Week One assignment in the Canvas course shell, including site and supervisor location and contact information and a brief description of your roles and responsibilities. If you need to make an adjustment regarding your supervisor and/or provide updated contact information, please email
  • Once site information is submitted, your listed supervisor will receive our Letter of Understanding via email, outlining their responsibilities in hosting a Baker College student. This must be signed and returned to the College electronically.
  • A Baker College representative will contact your site supervisor for the purposes of arranging a site visit. Site visits are conducted to ensure the legitimacy and quality of the work site.
  • In addition to the on-site hours being completed at your work site, work experience courses have academic coursework component, including assignments and discussion board participation. Both the on-site and academic portions of the course must be completed in order to earn credit.
  • The site supervisor will be asked to complete an electronic evaluation regarding your on-site work performance that will be factored into your final grade for the course. The evaluation must be completed and returned. Evaluations will be sent no earlier than Week 8 of the semester.


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