Setting Up Baker Gmail

Can I change the colors of my Mail window?

Yes, you can choose from a number of different color schemes, or even create your own! To change the colors, click Settings in the upper-right corner of your Mail window. Then select Themes.

What is the maximum number of characters I can use for my email signature?

Your signature can contain up to 2000 characters.

Can I format my email signature and add graphics?

Yes. To set up your signature, go to Settings > General tab. You can format your signature with different colors and styles, and even add links and images, such as your company logo.


Can I change the way Baker Gmail displays the names of message recipients, so their last names appear instead of their first names?

No, the display of names Gmail is an option that your administrator sets for your entire organization. If the "first name, last name" option is set, Gmail displays only the first names of message recipients in your Inbox and at the top of the message body. However, when viewing a message, you can click Show Details to see the full names of all recipients.

Can I create my own mailing (distribution) lists?

Yes, you can create your own distribution list with its own email address using Google Groups. To learn about Groups and how to create your own, click this link.


Email Clients

Legacy authentication protocols (POP, SMTP, IMAP, and MAPI) are now blocked by default because they are considered less secure. Newer versions of applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, are now equipped with modern authentication using Browser or Mobile/Desktop App authentications.

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