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Both students and instructors should be aware of the following:

The first time you click on the MyLabs and Mastering link from your course, you will be prompted with a privacy notice.  Please click on the red "Authorize" button to confirm your account.  You will then be able to access your MyLabs course.

Pearson recommends that you do not use Internet Explorer.

Both students and instructors should run the following browser check to verify that you have the correct software needed to run the Pearson Lab products:

For step-by-step directions on how to access MyLabs see the written instructions below.


MyLabs and Mastering Course Sync Instructions


Before you get started...

If you have not previously registered for MyMathLab/MyStatLab, an Educator’s access code can be provided to you.  If you want to check if you have an account and are not sure what your login ID or password is, there is a “Forgot your ID or password?” link on the MyLabs Login page.

Click on the following for the Pearson MyLab Quick Start Guide.

If you happen to have any issues with your Pearson course please contact their support team.


Sync Process Steps

  1. Enter your Canvas shell and click on the “MyLab and Mastering” tab on the left hand side.  This will load the Pearson module.  Inside the Pearson module click on the yellow “Get Started” button.  Please note that the course sync page from the Get Started link does not load correctly in Firefox, so you will have to use another browser for this first step.

  2. After clicking the “Get Started” button, you will be taken to the course search page.  Here, you will type in the Course ID supplied to you in your Canvas Instructor Resources and search for it.  Please note, the first time you click on Get Started it will ask you to log in or create a Pearson account.  Please create or log into a Pearson Instructor account and this will link that account with your Canvas account, after that it will always remember who you are.

  3. After searching for your Course ID it should display the book that the ID is associated with.  Here you just have to hit the “Select” button after you check to make sure the book is the same course you are teaching.

  4. After selecting your MyLabs book you will be taken to the course creation screen.  Here you will see some details about your course at the top and then some fields to fill out.  First, under course type make sure to select “Member Section”; this way the course that is created will allow student enrollments.  Next, for “Course Name,” please name it after the Canvas section you are teaching; for example (MTH1210-A1-F2018).  Third, for “Course Dates,” set the first value to the day you are creating the course, and the second value to a year from the day you are creating it.  Once the three fields are filled out, you can press the “Create Course” button to make and sync your MyLabs section to your Canvas shell.  Please note that this creation and sync process can take a few hours.

  5. After waiting up to 1-2 hours for your course to create and sync up, you should now see new options in your Canvas “MyLab and Mastering” module.  It should display the picture of the book you have chosen.  The “Get Started” button will also change to “Open MyLab & Mastering”.  This new button, or any of the instructor tools under the Home tab, will take you into your Pearson MyLab section of the course in case there is anything you need to change.

  6. You will know that you course is synced when you have the following options available:

  7. Before you sync your grades, click on More..., select MyMathLab Gradebook, and then select Change Weights & Grade Sync Settings at the top of the page.

  8. Click on the radio button for Weighted Points under LMS Grade Synchronization Settings.  This is an important step, so the homework, quiz, and exam points come over correctly.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save.”  Then click “OK.”

  9. Lastly, click back on the tab of your Canvas course so you can sync the grades.  This will allow the grades from your My Lab course to automatically send over to your Canvas shell and populate the grade book.  First, you will want to click on the “Grade Sync” tab near the top of your MyLabs module in Canvas.  Once on the Grade Sync screen, you will want to set “Automatic Grade Sync” to the “On” setting.  Click “OL” in the “Select items to sync” pop-up box.  After that you will then want to check the box for “All” under the Items to Sync area.  Once you have selected these two options, please click on the “Sync Grades Now” button to turn on the feature (see below).

  10. Now your course is all set!  If you run into any issues please contact our support staff.



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