Pearson MyLabs (MLP, MML, MRL, MWL)


Pearson Contact Information:

Contact the Pearson Helpdesk:
Pearson Tech Support:  (800) 677-6337


Both students and instructors should be aware of the following:

The first time you click on the MyLabs and Mastering link from your course, you will be prompted with a privacy notice.  Please click on the red "Authorize" button to confirm your account.  You will then be able to access your MyLabs course.

Pearson recommends that you do not use Internet Explorer.

Both students and instructors should run the following browser check to verify that you have the correct software needed to run the Pearson Lab products.

For step-by-step directions on how to access MyLabs see the written instructions below.

Before you get started...

If you have not previously registered for MyMathLab/MyStatLab, an Educator’s access code can be provided to you.  If you want to check if you have an account and are not sure what your login ID or password is, there is a “Forgot your ID or password?” link on the MyLabs Login page.

Click on the following for the Pearson MyLab Quick Start Guide.

If you happen to have any issues with your Pearson course please contact their support team.




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