How do I access my financial aid information?

Access your financial aid award offer, accept federal student loans and review required information via the Student Financial Aid Portal.  Log in with your Baker College user id (ex: jsmith01) and password.

Note:  Financial Aid Offer notifications are sent to your Baker College email address. Continue to monitor your Baker College email for updates.

What information is on the Student Financial Aid Portal home page?

  1. My Financial Aid - Under My Financial Aid you will see the types of Federal, State and Institutional aid that you have been awarded for the financial aid year.  See the section entitled "How do I accept my student loans?" for additional information.
  2. The red box with the message "Documents requiring attention" will appear if documents are needed.  Click the red box to view information needed for your financial aid to be processed.  You can also click the Documents > Forms and Files tab on the left to view the same information.
  3. Total Offer - represents the total aid that has been awarded to you for the entire financial aid year.
  4. Total Accepted Aid - displays the total amount of grants and scholarships plus any loans that you have accepted.

What is a Touchpoint and what do they mean?

Touchpoints are used to provide additional information and messages to you. You should review your touchpoints screen often in case additional information is provided.

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