Parent PLUS/Graduate PLUS Loan Application Process

Graduate students and parents of dependent students may apply for PLUS Loans at This is a federal site that is used by many schools to initiate the application process. When completing this application process, it’s important that you select the main Baker College option (do not select one of our branch campuses).

Baker College will receive an electronic file with your application (this may take a few days) and will complete the PLUS Loan process. We will notify you of any additional steps required to complete the PLUS Loan. 

Below are the steps you (or your parent) will take to begin the application process:

Picture of Federal Student Aid home page with an arrow pointing to log in button

1. To apply for a Grad PLUS or Parent PLUS Loan, the borrower will log in to the website using their FSA ID (parents are the borrower on a Parent PLUS Loan).

Arrow pointing to options where the borrower would select to apply for a parent plus or graduate plus loan.

2. Select 'Apply for Aid' and click 'Apply for a Parent Plus Loan' or 'Apply for a Grad PLUS Loan'

Arrow pointing to the 'start' button that the borrower will click to begin the application process.

3. Click 'Start' to apply for a PLUS Loan

4. Complete and submit the application

5. Baker College will receive a file with the results (including credit check results) of the application and will notify you of the next steps.

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