Baker College Cost of Attendance Budget Information

A cost of attendance budget estimates the total educational costs for a student attending one academic year (2 semesters). The cost factors include both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include tuition, fees, housing and books purchased through Barnes & Noble. Indirect costs include books and supplies not purchased through Barnes & Noble, meals, transportation and personal expenses. The costs included are estimates and vary depending on course requirements and personal spending habits. Actual costs may vary.

Budget Components

Tuition and fees – Costs incurred while attending college that are paid directly to Baker College. Tuition amounts vary based on the number of credits and course level. See our tuition and fees page for more information.

Books and supplies – Costs incurred for textbooks and supplies while attending Baker College. Visit our bookstore page for detailed book cost information.

Room and Board – Costs incurred for housing and meals while attending college. For students planning to:
  • Live on-campus: This includes a residence hall fee (paid directly to Baker College) and an estimated food cost for meals.
  • Live off campus or with parents: Room & board costs are estimated using expenses reasonably incurred by the student for housing and meals. These costs are not paid directly to Baker College.
Other Expenses and Transportation – Miscellaneous costs incurred while attending Baker College. These costs are not paid directly to Baker College. Examples include: transportation, computers, and other personal expenses.
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