Mock Interview Prep Sheet

A mock interview is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and learn how to set yourself apart from other job candidates. Here’s how to schedule a mock interview with the Career Resource Center (CRC) and make the most of your mock interview experience:

How to Schedule a Mock Interview
Dear Career Resource Center:

My name is [Student Name], and I am in the [Name of Program] program. I have attached my resume and cover letter for review. In addition, I would like to schedule a mock interview.  I have copied and pasted a link to a job I found on [LinkedIn, Monster, Handshake, Indeed, or some other job board] that I would love to be able to get when I graduate. My availability over the next few weeks is Mondays (8 AM–11 AM), Tuesdays (Not Available), Wednesdays (12 PM–6 PM), Thursdays (All Day), and Fridays (Not at Available). I look forward to hearing from you. <LINK TO JOB POSTING>

[Student Name]

What to Expect

• As soon as you request a mock interview, a CRC staff member will schedule an interview time with you and send you a Zoom invitation. At your interview time, click on the embedded link.
• The interviewer will pose as someone from an organization in your career field.
• The interview usually begins the moment you are admitted to the Zoom meeting.
• After the interview is finished, the CRC staff member will give you helpful feedback.
• A recording of the interview will be sent to you; you can watch it again or with others as a learning tool.

What to Do
• Treat the mock interview like an actual interview.
• Dress professionally.
• Before the interview, check out your appearance via your webcam to be sure the background and lighting are appealing.
• Be sure your camera and audio are working properly on the day of the interview.
• Look directly at the camera when you are speaking, not at the screen.
• Prepare for your interview by making a list of 4-5 hard skills (things learned through education and training) and soft skills (ways of interacting with people, like flexibility or organization) that you excel in. Think of very brief examples or stories you can use to illustrate the soft skills.
• If you know the specific job/organization for which you want to practice interviewing, be sure you have looked carefully at the organization’s LinkedIn page and website.
• Always have a couple of questions about the company that you can ask the interviewer. It shows you have prepared for the interview and are truly interested in working for that company.
• Be yourself and don’t forget to smile!


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A mock interview, also known as a practice interview, is a simulation of an actual job interview. It provides you with an opportunity to practice for an interview and receive feedback.