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What are Zoom Rooms?
Create a meeting with Zoom Room
Inviting others to Zoom Room
Screen Sharing in Zoom Room


What is Zoom Room?

Zoom Rooms is a conference system that provides audio, video, and screen sharing for a conference room. A Zoom Meeting can be joined or created using the conference phone (also known as the "Zoom Controller") located in the center of the room. Other users (present in the room or not) can join to communicate or collaborate in the same way that a normal Zoom Meeting works.

Create a Zoom Meeting with Zoom Room

Start a meeting using the Zoom conference phone touch screen. This phone, or "Zoom Controller" will become the Zoom Meetings host. Alternatively, click "Join" instead if another Zoom Meeting already exists that your room wishes to join as a participant.
This is an image of the zoom pone main screen with an arrow pointing toward the New Meeting button.

Inviting others to Zoom Room

Using the conference phone touch screen, push on the three dots labeled "More"​​​​.
The main screen of the zoom phone when in a call, with an arrow pointing toward the more button


Push the Invite button on the Zoom Room touchscreen.
An arrow points to the Invite button

Under the contacts tab search for a Baker user to instantly invite the user. (The user's Zoom Application will ring.)

Contacts is highlighted and shows where you can search for a Baker Contact to invite.

Alternatively, click the Email tab and this will email the Zoom Link, the Meeting ID/Passcode, and also call-in instructions to the person.

Email is highlighted showing where you can type in an email to invite someone.

After the meeting is created press the Share Content button to find the ID Number and Passcode.
A picture of the zoom rooms phone with an arrow pointing towards the share content button, so you can see the call ID and the Passcode for getting in to the Zoom Rooms call.

Provide this meeting ID and Passcode to any users who wish to join with their device(s) manually.

A Picture of the share content screen, which has the Meeting ID and the Passcode to enter the meeting


Screen Sharing in Zoom Room

Screen sharing in Zoom Rooms must be initiated by any participant device joined into the Zoom Room. Once the meeting is joined, press the green share button at the bottom of the Zoom Meeting. 
A red rectangle around the share screen button at the bottom of the zoom meeting screen

Choose the desired screen you would like to show and click the "Share" button at the bottom right.

A screen shot of the window selection screen that shows up when you hit the green screen share button at the bottom of the zoom meeting

Note: If another user wants to share, the first presenter must stop screen sharing.

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