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Zoom Meetings
Zoom Webinars

Exporting videos to VidGrid


Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings can accommodate up to 300 participants.
Meetings can be created and joined from a web browser or using the Zoom Application.

Zoom Application: Install and open the Zoom application.
Zoom on the Web: Visit Bakercollege.zoom.us
See Zoom - Overview to learn more about getting started with Zoom.


The most efficient method of creating Zoom Meetings is with Google Calendar. This can create events with reminders and send out email invites automatically. The first time doing this, you may need to grant permission to Zoom from Google.
A screenshot from Google Calendar showing where to attach a Zoom Meeting to calendar invites.

Join using an e-mail invitation after the host creates and invites you to a meeting:
A screenshot showing a Join Zoom Meeting url.

If provided by the Meeting Host, you can join a meeting by ID number.
A screenshot of the Zoom application with the Join button highlighted and prompting for meeting ID number.

To obtain your meeting URL, or ID and passcode, within the Zoom Meeting: click Participants, and invite.
A screenshot of the Zoom Application showing the ID number and Passcode for a zoom meeting.

To create a meeting, open the Zoom Application and click "New Meeting".
A screenshot of the Zoom Application showing the New Meeting button.

Click Zoom at the top of my.baker.edu or visit bakercollege.zoom.us if you prefer not to use the Zoom Application.
Meetings page of the Zoom web interface after selecting "Meetings"

Zoom Webinars

Ahead of creating a Zoom Webinar, please contact IT Support to obtain a webinar license.

Zoom webinars allow for over 500 participants and have features such as Breakout rooms, and polling capabilities.

For more information on Zoom Webinars please visit Zoom's Webinar Knowledge Base.


Exporting Videos from Zoom to VidGrid

Login to BakerCollege.zoom.us

Click Recordings on the left-hand side.

Find the video that you want to export and click on the menu with 3 dots.

Two files will be downloaded to your computer (to the default location specified in your web browser). 

Visit Vidgrid.com or by clicking the VidGrid Portal link within Canvas.

Click the Plus Symbol as shown below and then click upload.
A screenshot of the Vid Grid portal containing a + Icon to upload videos.

Either drag the video into the screen or click in the center to manually select a video file.
A screenshot showing how to Upload a file to Vid Grid with a drag/drop feature, or a click to find file feature.

Once the upload process has been completed your videos will be available for viewing and sharing.  Note: Closed Captioning will apply automatically.

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