Emergency Alert Opt-In

Opt-In to Receive Campus Notifications

Current users have the ability to Opt-In to various campuses on our Rave alert system. This allows the user to receive call/text/email alerts that are broadcast to their selected campuses. These alerts can supply the user with information about weather, closures or other possible need to know information quickly and effectively. Please review the following steps on how to Opt-In to which campuses you attend.

First, Go to My Baker and Log in.

After you log in please go to the Opt-In Preferences page. This link is also available through this click path:

Click on "Employee or Students".

Hover over the “Campus Safety” Section.

Hover over "Emergency".

Click on "Emergency Notification Opt-In".

Once you are on the Opt-In page you will want to click on ‘Change Preferences’.

On this tab, you simply select the campus you want and if you want to Add or Remove those campus alerts from your account. After you select the options you want, simply hit the button to ‘Submit Changes’. You will now start, or stop, receiving Rave alert notifications for the campus of your choice.

If you would like more info or have any questions about the Rave alert system, please take a look at our FAQ area located on the left hand side of the Opt-In page.


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