Self-Service Portal Quick Start Guide

Self-Service Portal

Through this portal you can browse Knowledge Base articles to find answers to your questions, or submit a ticket. 

The Self-Service Portal is available at the top of by clicking on Get Help. You can also navigate the Mega Menu under Information Technology to find Get Help.

When arriving at the self service portal, make sure you are signed in at the top right so you can see articles that may not be public.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base articles are designed to get you answers fast. Depending on the topic there may be attached files, links, and general information about your topic. Most Knowledge Base Articles will have a request assistance button at the bottom to submit a ticket quickly. 


The most commonly accessed Knoweldge Base articles are displayed for convenience on the main page.


If you are looking for something else, the search feature is the fastest way to access the information you need right away. 

Tip: Knowledge base articles are also tagged with keywords. Use a hashtag with your search (example: #password) to get only articles that are tagged with this word.  

Attached files will show on the right hand side and the Request Assistance button is at the bottom for creating a ticket related to this issue. 


Services (Tickets)

In some cases you may know that you require a ticket. From the main page click on Submit Your Ticket.

Choose the category that best suites the ticket you are creating. 

Narrow your ticket down to a category to find all of the service tickets related.

Narrow your ticket down as close as possible for the fastest service. 

Click Submit a Ticket on the right side.


Each form will vary depending on the Service selected. In this case we are submitting a service ticket for Computer Software.

Tip: Required fields have a red asterisk. Click Request when you are done and you should receive a confirmation email that your ticket has been submitted. You can correspond with the staff handling your tickets through these emails. 

If you need assistance with creating a ticket or viewing the knowledge base, you may also call the ITSC at (800) 645-8350 or email them at


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