Student Printing (EMPS) FAQs

How does it work?

Student ID cards will be required when using MFP’s. Students will be required to swipe their ID card in order to retrieve print jobs, or use the scan/copy functions.


Will I need my Baker College ID card to print to an MFP?  Does it provide secure printing?

MFP devices provide secured printing. Instead of a print job going directly to the printer’s output tray, it’s stored on a secure print server. The job can be released only by the ID holder, eliminating the mistake of others picking up parts of someone else’s print job. Users will also be able to delete jobs sent to the MFP in error, reversing the print cost. Also, your print job will stay in the E-Queue for 48 hours or until you go to any MFP, swipe your ID card, and release your print job. 


Will I need my student ID when printing to a classroom device?

No, ID cards will not be required in classrooms and printing remains the same as before. Any print outs from classroom PCs will continue to go directly to the printer’s output tray and all printing will decrease your account balance.


What is a print quota and how does it work?

The quota for each of the three semesters will equate to $50 of free printing or faxing based on the schedule, below. The cost will be subtracted from your account balance: 

Any Registered Student or Alumni
Black & White $.10 per side (Impression)
Color $.20 per side (Impression)
Scans Scanning to a Baker College email or USB device is free

If your print balance reaches $0 you will not be able to print.


How do I increase my print quota?

Anyone who exhausts their allotted quota during the semester will need to go to the Print Cashier Station and request additional printing credits. Credits can also be added under the "Pay a Fee" link on the Student Finance Center page.


Do I have a print quota at each Baker College campus?

No, your quota follows you to each campus.


When does my print quota start over?

Unlike student paid account balances, established quotas are reset one week prior to the start of every new semester and do not carry over to the next semester.


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