Student Printing (EMPS) Common Solutions

What can students do to reduce the amount of printing?

  1. Print to a PDF file and save it to your folder, a jump drive or email it.
  2. Use the “Preview” option to see what the printout will look like and verify it's what you wanted before you print the document.
  3. Ask your instructor if you can email them the document or upload the document to Canvas.


I printed, but nothing happened.

The print job may be waiting for you to swipe and release it from the MFD.  Don't click “Print” several times.  This will only use up more of your print quota and will not solve the original problem.


My printer says "Access is Denied?"

If you recently changed your password, you'll need to reboot your PC.


When I swipe my card the MFD states "Get Account Info Failed. Cannot Log In."

It's possible that there's an issue with the ID card, please enter you PIN on the MFD login screen.

There is up to a three hour time period for the new data to filter through system.  If you need to print immediately, you can type the information, Personal Identification Number (PIN), into the device located on the back of your student ID

The PIN is the ISO + UIN + VER all strung together minus any spaces or dashes.  The PIN for the card illustrated below is 6034129991234502.



What if my project or paper requires single sided (simplex) printing?

You can print either single or double sided depending on the requirements.  If you need to print a single sided document you'll need to specify your printing preferences by changing the print properties for your document before printing.


What happens if I make a mistake and print 100 copies instead of 10?

EMPS allows us to put controls on devices to prevent mistakes.  Classrooms have a 50-page limit per print job, preventing someone from accidentally printing 55 pages if they only meant to print 5.  If the print job exceeds 50 pages, a notification will be displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

In learning centers, libraries, and ARCs, there is an Equitrac Cost Preview (pop-up window) option that will warn users about what they are about to print and the associated cost, which must be confirmed.  No refunds will be given on pages printed after confirmation.


What if the image generated from the device is defective?

We understand that printers jam, toners fail or prints random pages.  If this happens, save the print out and bring it to the attention of your instructor or a staff member who will record your incident and request a credit on your behalf.  Errors must be recorded and turned in when they occur and you must include the defective print job or no credit will be given.

When I try to print, the Equitrac Messenger 'exceed...' message is displayed.

You exceeded printing your page limit of 50 pages per print job, decrease the size of your print job and retry.  Students cannot print over 49 pages (per print job) in the classroom.  You'll need to decrease the number pages in order to print.


Where do I get help with the printer I have selected?

The printer name located on the yellow label is the name used to identify printers.  Use this printer name when selecting a printer or when reporting a problem you may encounter and when calling for assistance from staff or the ITSC at (800) 645-8350.


Where can I go to get a new ID card?

If you have lost your Baker College ID card, visit your Campus Safety office to obtain a new ID card.  There will be a $5 replacement fee for lost or user damaged cards.  However, there is no replacement fee if your ID card no longer works but you'll need to provide your old one in order to receive a free replacement.


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