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About Baker College Xmedius Efax

• Send PDF documents easily to any fax number.
Receive incoming fax notifications directly to your email inbox.
• Manage your fax contacts in dedicated address books.
• Access and manage the history of all incoming and outgoing faxes via the Efax Portal.

Logging in

Once access is granted, start by logging in with SSO to the Xmedius Efax Portal.
The Welcome EFAX Page showing the Account: Baker College, with a Login button with an arrow pointing to the Login Button.

Sending a Fax

Once logged in, click New fax at the top left, then type in the destination fax phone number.
Click Browse, and choose a PDF file to send to the recipient. 
Click Preview to see what the fax will look like when received by the other party.
Click Submit to send the fax and it will ask if you would like to add new contacts to your address book.
Check "Outgoing queue" for the fax status.
Manage your address book by clicking on your name at the top right, and clicking XM Fax Contacts.
• You will also get progress email notifications for sent faxes.

The EFAX portal once logged in, Reading arrows in order like a book, the first arrow points to "New Fax" The next arrow points to the "Preview" button, The next arrow points to a field with a phone number, next is an arrow pointing to "Outgoing Queue", and finally the last arrow points to the "Browse" button under Attachments.

Receiving a Fax

A new incoming fax will show in bold font. Click on it to open the document.
The Inbound Fax history screen with an arrow pointing to a sample fax that is highlighted in bold indicating this new message is Unread.

Click the Download button at the top to get a PDF copy of this document.
The viewing screen of an actual Fax message. An arrow points to the "Download" button and the entirety of the test fax reads: Test following the date the fax was sent.

If you do not see an expected fax. It is possible that the delegate of your department's fax number needs to forward you the fax before you can see it.
The next section shows how these delegates can forward a fax to other users.

Delegating a Fax

Select the check box of the fax(s) you want to forward to other users and click the Forward button.
Click the user to forward to someone in the same department, or click More to search for all users.

The inbound fax screen with an arrow pointing to the "Forward" button and another arrow underneath that pointing to the Checkbox to select the test fax.

Search for the user to forward to, and click Forward. They will get an email notification of the new fax in their email Inbox.
The Forward Fax screen with an arrow pointing to an empty box at the very top left where a phone number needs to go, and another arrow points to the "Forward" button.


Who can send faxes?
Anyone with a Baker College Xmedius EFax account. Xmedius access will be granted with supervisor approval following a request to IT prior to use.

Can I use a fax Cover sheet?
Yes, although they are administered by the delegates of the departments. You can also attach a cover sheet to your PDF document.

Attachment Size Limitations?
The file size limit is 100 megabytes. The larger the file, the more likely it will fail on the remote side receiving it due to phone line quality.

How do I get an Xmedius EFax account?
If a supervisor has made the determination that an account is required, then the user’s supervisor can simply open a trouble ticket to request the creation of an account.

Are my faxes Private?
Any fax Received is visible to the fax “delegates” in your group who are assigned to that particular fax number. The Web Portal is both FERPA and HIPAA compliant. Logging in to your online account ensures additional privacy and security concerning the faxes being sent or received. It should be noted that among the new methods of eFax available, the Web Portal is the only acceptable method of sending information that falls under FERPA/HIPAA guidelines. The use of Baker email should not be used for this purpose.

Can Students send or receive Efaxes?
Not at this time.

Can I fax Internationally?
Yes. There are no restrictions on sending faxes internationally. XMedius uses the standard E.164 international format, so your outgoing phone number should be +## <faxnumber>, where ### is the applicable country code (for example, the US is +1, the UK is +44).

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