Baker College Wireless Network

Baker College offers wireless network access to 802.11x compliant devices on all campus locations. In most situations students and staff should use the BakerWifi option whenever possible. 

Students and staff using Baker credentials:

Guests or vendors without Baker credentials:

Student devices with unsupported authentication in some areas:

Note: Some devices like Chromebooks or that have alternate operating systems need extra configuration.
Other device notes


Students and staff should use BakerWifi with their Baker Credentials whenever possible. Simply connect to BakerWifi and use your Baker College username and password to connect.

Look for and connect to the name BakerWifi in the list of available wireless access points.
Shows the SSID BakerWifi on a Windows 10 Computer and a Connect button 

When prompted provide your Baker College username and password.
Shows the prompt for putting in a username and password with an Ok or Cancel button

Click Connect to continue connecting to BakerWifi.
A Windows warning prompt with a Connect or Cancel button to make sure you are connecting to a wireless access point that you would expect should be here.

In Windows it will say "Connected, secured" You should now be connected to the Internet.
After connecting it shows BakerWiFi Connected with a Disconnect button


Visitors or vendors without Baker credentials can use BakerGuest. They will be prompted to fill out just a few quick details about their connection reason which only takes a few seconds.

Look for and connect to the name BakerGuest in the list of available wireless access points.

Shows the BakerGuest SSID with a Connect button

If your default browser is not set you may receive this prompt. Select any web browser to get to the Guest Portal form. Otherwise see the next step.
A windows prompt asking how to open the web page because a default browser is not selected.

Click "Or register for guest access" if you have not done this yet on this day.
The Guest Portal registration page with an arrow pointing to smaller text that reads: Or register for guest access

Fill out the form and click Register. Note: the Username can be set to anything you want.
The guest form asking to fill out Username First Name Last Name Email address Company and Reason for Visit.

After registering it will give you a summary of your temporary account. You will also receive an email with the information. Simply click "Sign On"
After registering a summary of all of the forms that were filled out shows. An arrow points to the Sign On button

Accept the Acceptable Use Policy by clicking "Accept" to get connected.

Finally click "Continue" to finish the process.
Welcome message of the guest portal instructing the user to Click Continue to gain network access and a Continue button.

Once you see this screen you will have Internet access through Baker Guest.
The guest portal success window that says you now have Internet access through this network.


Some devices like a Smart TV's or gaming consoles do not support the strict authentication requirements of BakerWiFi and cannot use a web browser to connect to Baker Guest. In these situations in certain areas the Reslife network will show up. In order to use Reslife you must register the devices wireless MAC address using the portal. You may register up to 5 devices at a time, and delete or add devices as needed. These steps also apply to the residents wired Ethernet connections.

To get started visit from any web browser. Sign in with your Baker College credentials.
The my devices login prompt asking for Baker Credentials and a Sign On button

Review and click "Accept" on the Acceptable Use Policy.
The acceptable use policy for the mydevices portal with an Accept or Decline button.

Click the "Add" button to add your device to the list of allowed devices on ResLife.
The manage devices screen with an add or refresh button.

The Device name, and Description fields can be anything to help you know which device you have registered later. The Device ID needs to be the Wireless MAC address of your device. This can normally be found in the network settings of the device. If you are using a game console, be sure to put in the Wireless MAC address, or WiFi MAC address here, and not the Ethernet or wired MAC address or the device won't work. (Note, if you are plugging into an residence hall Ethernet port you will need to register the Wired MAC address instead.) Click "Submit" when done.
The form with example text filled in as follows: My Playstation 5 for Device name, an example MAC address for device ID, and My Playstation 5 for description. There is a Submit and cancel button.

Other Device Notes

Chromebooks in particular need to be told the type of authentication that BakerWifi uses to get connected successfully. We can't show examples of every operating system out there, however for the most common alternate operating system: Chrome OS, here are the network settings that need to be set to get connected correctly.

1) As seen below make sure the SSID is BakerWiFi.
2) The EAP method should be set to PEAP.
3) Server CA Certificate should be set to Do not check.
4) Identity is your Baker College username.
5) Password is your Baker College password.
6) Click "Connect".

A chrome OS screenshot form with the following fields SSID Baker WiFi, EAP Method set to PEAP, EAP Phase 2 Authentication set to Automatic, Server Ca Certificate set to Do not check. All other fields left alone except for identity and Password. Click the Connect button.

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