McGraw-Hill Connect for Students

Do NOT scratch off or discard either Access Card until after the first day of class.
IF the card is scratched off, it is non-returnable.


Registration  and Sign-In

  1. Click on the Register for Connect link in the Content section.
  2. Enter the registration code that came packaged with your textbook.
  3. Enter your Baker school email address.
  4. Click Complete Registration.
    TIP: Please choose your Security Question and Answer carefully. We will ask you for this information if you forget your password.
  5. When registration is complete, click on Go to Connect Now.
  6. You are now ready to use Connect.


Trouble Logging In?

  • Ensure you are using the same email address you used during registration.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password? link at your Instructor's Connect Course Web Address.
  • When logged into Connect, you can update your account information (e.g. email address, password, and security question/answer) by clicking on the My Account link located at the top-right corner.


Home (Assignments)

TIP:  If you are unable to begin an assignment, verify the following:

  • The assignment is available (start and due dates).
  • That you have not exceeded the maximum number of attempts.
  • That you have not achieved a score of 100%.
  • If your assignment contains questions that require manual grading, you will not be able to begin your next attempt until your instructor has graded those questions.

TIP:  Based on the assignment policy settings established by your instructor, you may encounter the following limitations when working on your assignment(s):

  • Ability to Print Assignment.
  • Timed assignments - Once you begin a "timed assignment," the timer will not stop, by design.

TIP: "Save & Exit" vs. "Submit" button

  • If you are unable to complete your assignment in one sitting, utilize the Save & Exit button to save your work and complete it at a later time.
  • Once you have completed your assignment, utilize the Submit button in order for your assignment to be graded.



TIP:  The Library section of your Connect account provides shortcuts to various resources.

  • If you purchased Connect Plus, you will see an eBook link, which can also be accessed from the section information widget of the Home tab.
  • Recorded Lectures can be accessed if your instructor is using Tegrity Campus to capture lectures.  You may also access recorded lectures when taking an assignment by clicking on the projector icon in the navigation bar.
  • Many McGraw-Hill textbooks offer additional resources such as narrated slides and additional problems, which are accessible through the Student Resources link.



TIP:  Once you submit your assignment, you can view your available results in the Reports tab. 

  • If you see a dash (-) as your score, your instructor has either delayed or restricted your ability to see the assignment feedback.
  • Your instructor has the ability to limit the amount of information (e.g. questions, answers, scores) you can view for each submitted assignment.


Need More Help?

Contact Us Online

  • Visit us at: Connect Student Support Tools
  • Browse our support materials including tutorial videos and our searchable Connect knowledge base.  If you cannot find an answer to your question, click on the Contact Us button to send us an email.

Give Us a Call

  • Call us at (800) 331-5094.
  • Our live support is available:
    Sunday 12 pm - 12 am ET
    Monday - Thursday 24 hours
    Friday 12 am - 9 pm ET
    Saturday 10 am - 8 pm ET



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