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Canvas offers many different avenues of support for students and faculty alike, one of the most useful being their 24x7 support. Their support experts are reachable via phone, chat, or email and are always happy to assist our users if a technical issue should arise. To view these support options simply log into your Canvas account and click on the ‘Help’ icon on the left-hand side to open the support menu!

Arrow pointing to the help button within Canvas Charm menu on the left hand side of the screen.


After opening up the ‘Help’ menu you will notice many different links. The picture above includes all of the possibilities, but the listed items that you will see are based on which role you have in Canvas. As an example, a faculty-only user will not see the student options and vice versa.

Here are some brief descriptions of what each item has to offer.

Search the Canvas Guides: This link will take you to the overview of their guides page. Once there the Canvas Guides link is especially helpful as it contains different text and video guides in regards to how to effectively use the Canvas system.

Conference Guides for Remote Classrooms: This link will take you to a Canvas community knowledge base on how to use the various web conferencing features supported within Canvas.

Ask-A-Librarian: This link takes the user to our Baker Library FAQ page. Here a user can look up questions regarding the use of eBooks, or how to do APA formatting. Users can also send in questions to the library staff if they need additional help.

Ask the Community: This link will take you to the Canvas community forums. Here users and can post or read questions from other Canvas users or browse Canvas resources to learn more tips and tricks about the system.

Baker College Self-Service Portal: This link will direct you to Baker College's self-help portal where you can find knowledge base articles that will guide you through many of the issues you may encounter. The self-help portal also allows you to submit a ticket if you are unable to find a solution in the knowledge base articles.

Canvas Orientation for Instructors: This link will take you to a self-paced faculty training course inside of Canvas. This allows new faculty to learn how to use the system.

Canvas Support Hotline: This area displays the phone number to Canvas 24/7 support, in case you run into any technical issues with the system. 

Chat with Canvas Support: This link will take you to the Canvas 24/7 support chat page. Here you can start a discussion with a Canvas support rep, or send an email to them. Once communication is established they will be able to help you with any technical issues you might be experiencing.

Early Alert: This link will take you to the form that needs to be filled out to file an early alert.

Student Idea Evaluation: This link will take you to course evaluations where students can fill out evaluations of the courses they have taken and instructors can review feedback.

Tutoring Services: If you are a student and you find yourself in the need of some course help, this is the link for you. This will take you to our online tutoring services page, which will allow you to reach out and set up a tutoring meeting.

Training Services Portal: This link will take you to a Canvas tutorial video, which describes how to use the system. After you finish the tutorial you will be able to register for Canvas ran training courses in order to better expand your skillset with our Canvas system.

Covid 19 Canvas Resources: This link will redirect you to a page with featured resources Canvas is providing during the Covid pandemic.

Canvas Basics Guide
Please take a look at this guide for a more brief view of some of the new upcoming features to our Canvas system.

Canvas Student Guide
If you are a student that is more interested to know how to use Canvas to make for a better learning experience, please check out this student guide!

Canvas Instructor Guide
For our faculty and staff that would like to learn more about how to utilize our new Canvas features, please take a look at the instructor guide.

Canvas Video Guides
Here are some video guides to help learn the ins and outs of what our new LMS has to offer.

Faculty Course Center
My Baker Guide on how to view various course options for the courses you are teaching, as well as how to submit grades for your Canvas courses.

Unicheck Plagiarism
How to use the new Canvas plagiarism reporting tool.  If you experience any issues with this tool please refer to their status page Here to see if the app is currently down.

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