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Direct Measure Global Announcement for Canvas

Direct Measure Assessment data is collected various ways. Mainly using Canvas. To determine if the class that you are teaching contains a Direct Measure Assessment first review the Direct Measure Assessment Schedule. You can find the Direct Measure Schedule on My Baker/Faculty/Assessment Process/Direct Measure Assessment Schedule.

If the class that you are teaching is on the schedule AND the location lists Canvas then please use the instructions below to help you enter your rubric and/or Outcome data. If the class you are teaching is on the schedule and displays a different location than Canvas please access the listed location to complete your direct measure assessment.

If the class that you are teaching is NOT on the schedule then there is no further action you need to take this term.

How to enter Outcome Data in Canvas:

In Canvas you will be grading with a Canvas rubric and entering outcome data for each Direct Measure (DM) assessment. If you have not already please review the Outcomes Assessment Faculty Training which explains what outcomes assessment is and how to enter DM data for your course. Your participation in the training must be completed and will be recorded.

NEW Video!  Faculty Completion Guide

Click here to view a NEW step-by-step video on how to enter Direct Measures and Outcomes Assessments in your Canvas courses. The checklist reviewed in the video can be accessed here: Outcomes Assessment Faculty Completion Checklist

All direct measure data must be submitted by the time grades are due

If  you have questions please Request Assistance through the link below

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