IT Service Requests (IT200.006.02)

Effective Date:  06/28/2023

Owner:  Jessica Bryson

Team Members:  Jessica Bryson

1.0          PURPOSE

1.1             The purpose of this procedure is to define what needs a ticket, how to submit, and how to manage a ticket.

2.0          DEFINITIONS


Method of providing IT service


Social gathering

Self-Service Portal

Web-based application for end-user self help functions and assistance request submissions.


Ticketing management application used by Baker College.

TSS Group

Technology Support Services group in TD Next

3.0          GUIDELINES

3.1           What requires a ticket?

3.1.1         Break/Fix

3.1.2        End-user assistance

3.1.3        End-user request outside of your immediate department or project group

3.1.4        Event requesting IT assistance

3.2             Baker College IT prioritizes requests for technical support as they come in using high, medium, or low urgency.

3.2.1        High priority is specified as a failure of a system, a problem with a business service or shared system, or a compromise in system security.

3.2.2       Medium priority is specified as peripheral equipment, secondary equipment, or administrator software upgrades.

3.2.3       Low priority is specified as an application problem that does not interfere with critical functions and informal questions.

3.3             An incident is used when something is broken and a Service Request is used when a service is needed.

3.4             The only time a ticket will move from the TSS group is if a person on that campus needs to physically go and take care of the issue. All other tickets completed by TSS members should stay in the TSS group.

3.5             The technician can resolve the ticket if the requester does not respond within 2 business days, after a reasonable number of attempts have been made.

4.0          PROCEDURES

4.1              To access the Self Service Portal or TD Next go to

4.2             Submitting a ticket in Self Service Portal

4.2.1       Log into the service portal

4.2.2      Select ‘Services’ link in toolbar

4.2.3       Drill down through topics to find desired service topic a.) Click on appropriate topics b.) Utilize ‘Search’ feature with hashtags

4.2.4      Submit a request/ticket

4.3             Submitting a ticket on TD Next

4.3.1        Go to IT tickets

4.3.2       Select ‘Choose a Form’, search for needed form

4.3.3       Fill out needed fields and submit

4.4             Managing Tickets

4.4.1       Technicians are to select ‘Add to My Work’ to assign themselves the ticket.

4.4.2      Verify form information as it pertains to the subject and update form, as needed

4.4.3      Status to be set to one of the following status to satisfy SLA requirements.

a.)    In Progress

b.)    Assigned

c.)    On Hold

d.)    Reopened

e.)    Resolved

f.)     Cancelled

4.4.4       Update and work ticket, as needed

4.4.5       Change status to ‘Resolved’ once the ticket has been completed. Include information on how the ticket was resolved.


5.1             It is the responsibility of Baker College users to submit tickets for any information technology issue they come across.

5.2            It is the responsibility of Baker College staff members to resolve tickets using the guidelines defined in this procedure.

6.0          FORMS/DOCUMENTS



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