App Access Approval

Trying to sign into a website or application and receiving an admin approval message?

It's common to see "Sign in with Google" or Sign in with Microsoft" buttons on websites or apps. This can be a convenient way to access the resource, but but also can potentially grant the third-party permission to your content.

 example of Sign in with Google and Sign in with Microsoft buttons that may appear on a website or app

To keep our users data safe, Baker College controls what applications have access to our systems. You may encounter a "Need admin approval" message and not be able to sign into services that have not received prior approval.

Example of the Need Admin Approval message that could be reached for an app or website that has not been authorized for use

For the highest quality experience, Baker College is committed to keeping our users and data safe, but not to hinder important work from being accomplished. If there is an app or website that necessitates an academic or college-business need, please submit a request for our team to review. IT will process requests and reply back with a determination.

Apps for personal use or business unrelated to the college will not be approved. You should use your personal or business account or create an account with the service you are trying to access. Also note that most apps/services allow you to sign up for an account directly with them, for which you can still use your Baker email address, if desired.

Disclaimer: Use of any apps that are approved are at your own risk and not supported by the college.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • I want to read email from my device, but am having trouble connecting my Baker Gmail account to an app.
    If the app is presenting you with different ways to connect your account, be sure to use the Google and not Microsoft or other options.
  • What if my request gets denied, but I still need to access the app or service?
    In this scenario we suggest creating an account with the app or service. In many cases, you can still use your Baker email address, even though you cannot use the Sign in with Microsoft or Sign in with Google buttons on apps that we have not approved.
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