Making LinkedIn Work for You

What can I do to make my LinkedIn account more effective for connecting with others or searching for jobs?

Your Photo
Do have a high-quality photo that’s sized correctly and easy to see. You should appear relaxed yet professional.
Don’t have a blurry photo or one in which your clothing is too casual—no selfies.

Your Profile
Do fill out your profile completely and keep it updated: Professional Experience, Education, and Skills Sections.
Do list 2-3 phrases that describe you beneath your picture: Example: Relentless IT professional with diverse solutions, Committed team player
Don’t be in a hurry or careless in adding information; incomplete sections or poor grammar or spelling make you appear unprofessional. 

Your Connections
Do continually increase the number of meaningful connections; start with a goal of 30 connections relevant to your career and interests.
Do seek connections to people from your college, your workplace, and other businesses you respect.
Do request a connection by including a polite message to identify yourself.
Don’t ask for favors or make requests; just establish a relationship first.
Don’t accept connection requests from people you don’t recognize or seek connections with people for no reason. Think “quality,” not “quantity.”

Your Posts
Do keep your account active by posting interesting links, quotations, or articles or commenting on others’ posts every 1-2 weeks.
Do post articles relevant to your type of work that might encourage discussion.
Don’t post things that are overly personal, are too political, or promote controversial opinions with no context or evidence.

Your Groups
Do join one or two groups from your college like Baker College Student and Alumni Group or those relevant to your field; read the posts and reach out to members with ideas or questions.

Your Following of Organizations or Individuals
Do search for community, state, and national organizations and individuals that you feel are important to follow; find their LinkedIn profile and click “Following.” Be informed and involved whenever possible.

Your Job Searches  
Do look for jobs by clicking the Jobs tab, then typing the job title, skill, or company, and city and state; then press Enter to see a list of jobs.
Do select your job filters and move the Job Alert button to ON.

Adapted from Voyles, S. (n.d.) The do’s and don’t’s of LinkedIn for business. Logos Communications.


Revised 5 May 2024

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