IT Policies & Procedures Overview

IT Policies & Procedures Overview

Policies are guiding principles used to provide direction within an organization.  Procedures are a series of steps to be followed as a consistent approach to accomplishing an end result.  Policies and procedures ensure that IT services are aligned with institutional goals and are applied uniformly. 

Baker College publishes several institutional level policies.  These policies apply to all faculty, staff and students within the Baker College organization and can be viewed by utilizing the links below:

In addition, Baker College IT has implemented a series of Foundational Policies upon which all IT procedures are based.  Foundational Policies identify the underlying basis, principles, and core rules that all procedures must adhere to. The (5) Foundational Policy categories are as follow:

Guidelines for the administration of hardware (any equipment managed by IT that is used across the organization) and infrastructure (the elements that combine to create the network at Baker College).

Sets of processes and services which are both provisioned by IT staff to their internal and external clients and also utilized by themselves to conduct day to day business.

Guidelines for the administration of computing accounts that facilitate access to or on behalf of Baker College information resources.

Identifies the processes for the procurement, management and use of software across the institution.  Also, defines the methods utilized for managing data (information stored electronically or in printed form).

Defines standardized IT security practices which, in turn, strengthen, support, and protect the institution.  Baker College uses industry best practices for account and IT infrastructure management.


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