Acalog and Curriculog

Acalog is the tool that is used to publish and maintain our eCatalog and electronic Student Handbooks. They can be found here: 
All academic changes are processed using a tool called Curriculog. Curriculog is accessed via the following website:

Access is given based on your role with the College. Not everyone will have access. You will login with your Baker College credentials. 

The implementation of this tool allows us to improve our process for requesting and processing changes to Academic Programs and ensure proper approval is gained for all requests. Curriculog and Acalog both allow us to make and process requests in one place and automatically update our SIS and eCatalog without entering information in multiple places. These tools allow us to communicate with all necessary departments automatically when a change is important to that group. This makes it so that everyone receives accurate communication in a timely manner via one process.

Overall these tools make us more efficient, help us reduce the possibility of errors and ensure that we have reporting that helps us continuously evaluate and improve our processes.

For more information about Acalog/Curriculog and the Academic Change Process please review the Curriculog Training PowerPoint.

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