Baker College Financial Aid Re-evaluation

Financial aid eligibility is determined by the information provided in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA requests income information from two years prior and does not give the student the opportunity to explain a change in income that could affect his or her ability to pay for college. Therefore, under federal law, financial aid administrators have been given the authority to use Professional Judgment on a case-by case basis only, to adjust the student's cost of attendance or the data used to calculate the Expected Family Contribution.

Professional Judgment can also be used if other special circumstances exist which impact a student’s ability to pay for college. Refer to the information below for additional details.

What are Special Circumstances?

Special circumstances can refer to a financial situation or documented abuse or neglect of a parent(s) that is not addressed in the application process.

The following list includes common circumstances in which Professional Judgment may apply:

  1. Job loss or decrease in income
  2. Change in student or dependent student’s parents’ marital status
  3. Death of a dependent student’s parent
  4. Excessive medical and dental expenses
  5. Catastrophic loss, such as damage or loss from a natural disaster
  6. A dependent student has a parent also attending college
  7. Dependency Override

Note: The list above is not all inclusive, additional scenarios apply.

Steps to complete a Professional Judgement (Re-evaluation) due to Special Circumstances

  1. Complete the FAFSA.
  2. Contact a Financial Aid Advisor at 989-729-3911 or submit a ticket to have a Financial Aid Advisor contact you about the possibility of completing a Request for Re-evaluation. The Advisor will explain both the process for re-evaluation and what documentation may be needed.
  3. Monitor your Baker College email account for additional information that may be requested to process your Professional Judgment and/or notification of a final decision on the Professional Judgment.

What Happens if Your Request for Professional Judgment Is Approved?

If your Professional Judgment is approved, Baker College will make a change to data elements on your FAFSA. For example, if a parent has lost their job, a change will be made to the income and income tax figures on the FAFSA. The changes will generate a new expected family contribution (EFC) and a new financial aid offer will be determined. Note: A Professional Judgment related to income adjustments will only be approved if the adjustment in data results in a lower Expected Family Contribution (EFC). 

What Happens if Your Request for Professional Judgment Is Not Approved?

If your Professional Judgment is not approved, Baker College will notify you and the financial aid offer that was previously provided is still valid.

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Submit a request to have a Financial Aid Advisor contact you about the financial aid re-evaluation process.