St. Francis Cost of Attendance Budget Information

A cost of attendance budget estimates the total educational costs for a student attending one academic year (4 terms). The cost factors include both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include tuition, fees, housing and books purchased through Barnes & Noble. Indirect costs include books and supplies not purchased through Barnes & Noble, meals, transportation and personal expenses. The costs included are estimates and vary depending on course requirements and personal spending habits. Actual costs may vary. 

Budget Components

Tuition and fees – Costs incurred while attending college that are paid directly to Baker College. See our tuition and fees page for more information.

Books and supplies – Average costs incurred for textbooks and supplies.

Room and Board – Costs incurred for housing and meals while attending college.  For students planning to:

  • Live off campus or with parents: Room & board costs are estimated using expenses reasonably incurred by the student for housing and meals. These costs are not paid directly to Baker College.

Other Expenses and Transportation – Miscellaneous costs incurred while attending St. Francis. These costs are not paid directly to St. Francis. Examples include: transportation, computers, and other personal expenses.
The cost of attendance budget information represents the estimated cost for a student attending 4 quarters.
Table 1: Cost of Attendance Budget Information
Graduate Law 
Tuition & Fees $13,700
Books $800
Housing & Food (Off campus) $11,400
Transportation $5,100
Personal Expenses $2,860
Total Estimated Costs $33,860


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