St. Francis Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Information

 In order to receive federal, state, or institutional aid, regulations require that students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward completion of their current academic program.  Refer to our SAP Policy for the academic requirements a student must maintain in order to remain eligible for federal, state, or institutional aid.

Students who fall into violation of SAP due to a special circumstance may submit a financial aid appeal for consideration of financial aid reinstatement. 

Table 1: SAP Appeal Deadline Dates
SAP Appeal Law Deadline Dates
Summer 2024 - June 28, 2024 Fall 2024 - September 20, 2024
Winter 2025 - December 18, 2024 Spring 2025 - March 21, 2025

SAP Appeal Submission Instructions

  1. Complete the SAP Appeal form.
  2. Explain the special circumstances that prevented you from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Special circumstances are typically “unusual situations beyond the student’s control.” Examples include: illness, unexpected hardships, death in the immediate family, etc. Your explanation should include the following: 

    • For a GPA violation – explain grades below a B.

    • For a Pace violation – explain F grades, W grades and repeated coursework.

    • For a Maximum Timeframe violation – explain the special circumstance(s) that prevented you from completing your program.

  3. Explain how your special circumstances have been resolved.

  4. Submit proper documentation to support the appeal. The documentation submitted should support the special circumstances and resolution explained in the appeal.

SAP Appeal Outcomes

An appeal committee reviews all submitted appeals to determine the appropriate action. Actions could consist of a returned appeal for additional documentation, an accepted appeal or a denied appeal. 

All accepted appeals will include an academic plan which must be followed by the student in order to re-establish financial aid eligibility. Students are required to work with an Academic Advisor to register for classes while they are on this academic plan.

Examples of Special Circumstances and Recommended Documentation

This list is not all-inclusive. There may be other acceptable types of documentation. Please make sure the dates on the documentation coincide with the dates in which you attended St. Francis School of Law. Submitting an appeal with supporting documentation does not guarantee an accepted appeal.

Table 2: Examples of special circumstances and recommended documentation.
Nature of Appeal Recommended Documentation
Death of immediate relative
  • Obituary notice or death certificate
Illness of self or immediate relative
  • Hospital records or a bill with dates of stay
  • Signed doctor’s note (must be on doctor’s letterhead)
Car trouble
  • Bus schedule and registration card to show bus times coincide with classes
  • Title to new vehicle, bill or sale for car
  • Repair bill (on letterhead)
  • School records for kids showing different household for their father/mother
  • Copy of lease showing only yourself as the renter
  • Signed statement from pastor or counselor (on letterhead)
  • Divorce papers, signed letter from attorney (on letterhead)
Job schedule conflict
  • Timesheets – must have copay name printed on them
  • Signed statement of schedule change or overtime hours worked from employer (on letterhead)
Childcare problems
  • Signed letter from current daycare center (on letterhead) verifying enrollment of the child. If it is a friend or relative, the letter must be accompanied by one other signed letter from a friend or family member aware of the situation.
For additional information about the SAP Appeal process, please contact the Financial Aid Advisors at (989) 729-3911 or by submitting a ticket.
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