St. Francis 2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Tuition Charges

St. Francis School of Law tuition is charged as a flat rate for the term. The rate for the term does not vary based on the number of courses registered, the session start and ends dates within the term, or session lengths within the term. Below are the 2023-2024 tuition rates, beginning with the Fall 2023 term and extending through the Summer 2024 term.
Table 1: A list of flat tuition charges
Tuition Charges
Fall 2023 Quarter
$3,250.00 flat rate
Winter 2024 Quarter
$3,250.00 flat rate
Spring 2024 Quarter
$3,250.00 flat rate
Summer 2024 Quarter
$3,250.00 flat rate

Other Charges

Table 2: A list of fees
 Payment Plan Enrollment Fee
  • Charged per payment plan enrollment
  • Assessed by Transact Payments and not St. Francis School of Law
  • Non-refundable
NSF Return Fee
  • Charged per item returned by the bank 
Late Fee
  • Charged for any term with a balance not paid in full or enrolled in a payment plan by the published due date
Enrollment Fee
  • One-Time Charge 
  • Assessed upon successful completion of orientation and registration for the first course in the degree program
  • Non-refundable after two weeks of enrollment
Application Fee 
  • Payable with application


Tuition and fees do not include the cost of books and study materials, which are the responsibility of the student. The best effort estimate of the costs of books and study materials is $800 in the first year, $1,400 in the second, third and fourth years. The best estimate cost of textbooks for four years of study is $5,000. The estimates are based on using new hardcover books when available. In many cases, casebooks can be rented and/or digital versions are available at lesser expense.


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