Student Welcome Experience

This online orientation is your first step toward a successful and rewarding educational experience.  The orientation will provide valuable information regarding the numerous student services available to you and how to access them, as well as advice on how to get involved in student activities.  There are also helpful "how to" videos for registration and accessing your student information.  In addition, you can find resources on how to use the Learning Management System - Canvas and Google tools, and information on academic expectations.  Most importantly, by completing this experience you will learn what it means to be BakerProud.

The more you know about all that BC has to offer, the more successful you will be!  Get started here.

Academic Resource Centers (ARC)

Whether you use the in person or via the Internet, BC's academic support services offer valuable resources that will enhance your learning and improve your academic performance.

Contact information and email addresses for each campus's ARC is available on My Baker.

Use the links below 24/7 to access Baker's Academic Resource Center.


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