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Effective Date:  07/20/2021

Owner:  PPAC

Team Members:  PPAC

1.0            PURPOSE

1.1              The purpose of this policy is to establish standardized IT practices that serve as a collection of shared knowledge used to strengthen, support, and protect the institution.

2.0           SCOPE DETAIL

2.1              This policy supports the management of Baker College’s IT systems and is applicable to any individual responsible for supporting IT systems across the institution.

3.0           DEFINITIONS


Acceptable Use Policy


Customer Relations Management systems


The Enterprise Application Services team


The manufacturer’s End of Support or End of Service date.


An Intermediate Distribution Frame or cable rack is used to manage communications between end user devices and the Main Distribution Frame (MDF).


The Infrastructure Security and Support team.


Information Technology


A Main Distribution Frame (MDF) is a signal distribution frame or cable rack used to interconnect and manage communication wiring between itself and any number of intermediate distribution frames (IDF).


Service Level Agreement defines the level of service expected by a customer from a supplier.


Subject Matter Experts are the individuals responsible for documenting instructions and reviewing the compatibility of a resource with the College’s systems.

Technology Request

A formalized procedure that approves technology installation, acquisition, contracts, and renewals for IT Resources.


The Technology Services and Support team.

4.0           GUIDELINES

4.1              Baker College leverages IT policies and procedures to ensure IT services are aligned with institutional goals and are applied uniformly.

4.2             Baker College uses a formal change management process to guide IT changes within the organization to minimize the impact of changes to all stakeholders.

4.3             Baker College has established project management methodologies to ensure projects are aligned with institutional goals, on time, and within budget.

4.4             Baker College uses formal communication processes for emergency and outreach to provide timely alerts and notices to all faculty, staff and students.

4.5             Baker College has an established change management methodology to ensure projects and updates / upgrades are completed on time, communicated effectively, and without service disruption.

4.6             IT Incident Response and Management

4.6.1       Service Uptime

a.)              IT will provide advance notice of maintenance windows and IT activities that have the potential to impact service availability when possible.

b.)              IT will provide timely updates during service outages, i.e. events which cause an interruption to, or a reduction in, the quality of IT operations or services.

c.)              To help the College meet its goals and objectives, IT will strive for a service availability of 99.9%.

4.6.2      Incident Reporting

a.)              IT will leverage a CRM product for incident response and management.

b.)              A Baker College member will follow the SLA of initially responding to a Service Request within 4 hours. The 4 hour initial response time refers to normal working hours, considered to be between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. excluding weekends and holidays.

c.)              When applicable, IT will be the single point of contact for vendor-provided services.

4.6.3      Determination of an Outage Notification and the scope of an outage.

a.)              The SME will determine if there is an outage or degradation and the scope of impact of the outage.

b.)              If the SME is not part of the IT Department, the IT SME will be responsible for verifying the outage.

4.6.4      All IT MDF/IDF rooms must adhere to the procedural guidelines listed in the MDF/IDF management procedure.

4.7              Technology

4.7.1        Baker College regularly assesses and aligns its technology with its Guiding Principles and the strategic goals of the institution.

4.7.2       Vendor-provided Services

a.)              Vendors of Baker College must adhere to the terms outlined in their contract or agreement.

b.)              Vendor contracts must be reviewed annually.

4.8             Procurement

4.8.1       Baker College has established a procurement framework which ensures accountability, contract consistency, data protection, and regular automated audits.


5.1              IT

5.1.1         The role of Baker College Information Technology is to ensure the IT environment and additional products and services are used to support the institution while striving to achieve the IT SLA’s.

5.1.2        Provide feedback and assist with the development of policies and procedures.

5.1.3        Adhere to and promote IT processes including change management and project management.

5.1.4        Review and enforce vendor contracts and agreements to prevent disruptions of service and to ensure terms are met.

5.2             Procurement Department

5.2.1        Where applicable, manage, audit, and report on IT contracts and agreements.

5.2.2       Manage IT budgets in accordance with Baker College business department guidelines.

5.3             Faculty/Staff

5.3.1        Assist IT with feedback to help drive continual technology improvement.

5.4             Vendors

5.4.1        Adhere to all terms listed within the vendor contract and/or agreement.

5.5              End User

5.5.1        The end user is responsible for understanding all Federal and State regulations that apply to their role(s).

5.5.2       Usage should adhere to all guidelines as specified by the AUP, student handbook, and employee handbook.


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